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Front-End Developer

David Ruiz 👋

Experienced Front-End Developer specializing in HTML, CSS, Tailwind CSS, Sass, JavaScript and React. With a strong passion for crafting exceptional user interfaces and seamless user experiences. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in front-end development, leveraging my expertise in modern web technologies to create visually stunning and highly functional websites and web applications. I have extensive experience working with React, building scalable and modular components that drive efficient and robust front-end architectures. Additionally, my proficiency in Tailwind CSS and Sass

Industrias en las que he trabajado:

  • Compañías Tech
  • Startups medianas

3Años de experienciacomo Front-End Developer

3 Años de experiencia en ecosistemas React JSyJavaScript Front-End
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React JS

experience:2 años
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JavaScript Front-End

experience:3 años

Lenguajes y tecnologías

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experience:1 año

Otras habilidades

Habilidades complementarias a mis conocimientos en metodologías, procesos, plataformas y software previamente utilizados.

  • Agile
  • Gitflow
  • Notion
  • Trello

Industrias de interés

Estoy interesado en conocer y trabajar en las industrias y empresas de este sector.

  • Compañías Tech
  • Startups medianas