Bogota - Colombia

Arquitecto de Software

Andrés] Barrera 👋

I am a Systems Engineer and Software Construction Specialist with extensive experience in software development, architecture consulting, and teaching. I have more than 20 years of experience in implementing software projects, performing various roles for several clients in different economic sectors in Colombia and Latin America. I have knowledge and experience in business strategy, BPM project implementation, and a strategic focus oriented towards improving the customer experience of organizations through the use of technology. In addition, I possess leadership skills for development teams

Industrias en las que he trabajado:

  • Software factory
  • Startups medianas
  • Compañías Tech

20 Años de experiencia como Arquitecto de Software

10 años como Team Leader con 10 personas a cargo
15 Años de experiencia en ecosistemas Oracle DB
Inglés Intermedio
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Stack principal

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Skill icon for skill named Oracle DB

Oracle DB

experience: 15 años
level: Avanzado

Lenguajes y tecnologías

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Skill icon for skill named Spring Boot

Spring Boot

experience: 5 años
level: Avanzado
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experience: 20 años
level: Experto

Otras habilidades

Habilidades complementarias a mis conocimientos en metodologías, procesos, plataformas y software previamente utilizados.

  • Gitflow
  • KanBan
  • Scrum
  • Azure Boards
  • Waterfall
  • TeamWork
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Agile

Industrias de interés

Estoy interesado en conocer y trabajar en las industrias y empresas de este sector.

  • Software factory
  • Startups medianas
  • Compañías Tech