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Tech profiles to hire. We have the largest tech talent pool in Latin America to fill your company's needs.

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We verify the professional skills of the tech profiles in our database through tests and technical assessments.

Affinity based on Artificial Intelligence

Our algorithm allows us to optimize the selection process and present you only with candidates that fit your needs.

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The future of the tech industry is also human. Our team of Tech Recruitment Specialists will advise you during the selection process.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of positions and profiles can I cover with Talently?
We cover all levels of experience in technology positions, from a junior developer to a CTO. We have over 70,000 candidates who cover the full software development cycle: Back-end, Front-end, Fullstack, Devops, QA, and more. We also have data profiles such as Data Engineers and Data Science.
How long does the recruitment process take?
You will be able to access candidates in seconds thanks to our AI engine. If you choose the PRO subscription, we will provide you with specialized support throughout your selection process (we help you schedule interviews with talent, send offer letters, resolve salary-related questions according to the profile, etc.). On average, our clients hire 20 days after the offer is sent.


Do I have a limit on the number of candidates that will be referred to me?
It depends on the plan you choose. On one hand, you can search for hundreds of candidates in our talent database and contact them. On the other hand, with the PRO plan, we will send you candidates until we find the right one together. Our goal is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our services and hire the ideal talent for your company.
How can I ensure that candidates have the required skills for the position?
When entering our platform, candidates must undergo rigorous tests to validate their technical skills. If you choose the PRO plan, our recruitment team conducts exhaustive interviews with each candidate to validate their experience and soft skills. With this double process, we ensure that the selected candidates are of high quality and meet the requirements of your job offers.


How much does the Talently Hire service cost?
We have different types of subscription according to your tech hiring needs: FREE, LITE, and PRO. In the comparison table at the top of the page, you can find the details, prices, and benefits of each of the plans we offer.

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